Learn About the Process

Let’s chat

call or e-mail us to schedule a consultation. While we prefer to meet in our studio initial quotes can also be given by phone or email.

Getting to know you

Because we custom  design every wedding we want to get to know your taste and style right away. The best way to do this is through pinterest , magazine clippings and images of what you love.We want to see pictures of your dress and your bridesmaids dresses, show us your linens, your invitation, your signs, bring in fabric or paint swatches…

Bringing your vision to life

the initial consult- we know all the right questions to ask to help bring your vision to life. Initial consultations are very comprehensive and last from an hour to an hour and a half. During most consultations you will be shown examples of real flowers and design element like fabrics and vases and bling or laces and twines. Our consultations are interactive and while we have portfolios and books for inspiration we want to create your vision and tell your story through the flowers you choose and the vision you have for your perfect event.

I want Flower Allie

Come prepared to make a decision. Many times we will give you a quote on the spot or email you a proposal with in a few days. We work with you to stay in budget while having florals that you love! Once we have submitted the proposal to you we will hold the date for 48 hours. A retainer of only 10% is required to book your date.

What's next

check florals off your list for now. We don't need to know anything else for a while. It isn't until our next meeting that we need to know a more firm guest count, all the people who need florals and a firm idea of your chairs and linens. You will want to have all of this figured out for the mock up meeting.

The Mock up meeting and final review

This is where we really bring your vision to life. At this meeting you will see samples of your flowers and centerpiece vessels. You can bring your linens or any outside candles or decor items if you would like to see how it will all come together. This is also when we will get all the final counts. Bring the lay out from your venue and all the questions from your coordinator. We will go over the final time line and your balance is do.

Up next

Now are design team gets to work sourcing and ordering flowers from throughout the world, making sure all your props and vessels are in order, Meeting with our installation team and consulting with your coordinator and venue about final timing and details. The real behind the scenes action happens for us now as we get all our tools in order, extra trucks ordered, start adorning vessels and generally preparing for those whirlwind days before your wedding when the flowers fly in. On the day of your wedding our staff is in the studio hours and hours before the wedding to get the trucks loaded and complete all the final details. As we head out your dream day is just beginning…….