Vibrant Arroyo Trabuco Wedding Florals: Katie and Kyle

I can remember the days when I was a little less busy and used to blog a wedding every single week. Then it went to a couple times a month and now I am down to a couple of times a year. With this post I vow to get it back to a couple imps a month at least. I have had the most eclectic and diverse weddings ever recently and am actually dying to share. Pinterest is just the best thing to ever happen to the wedding world in my opinion. It allows me to live inside a wedding within 15 minutes of meeting a new client. I fell in love with Katie’s wedding through her Pinterest page before ever even meeting her. When she came in and was beautiful, kind and lovely in every way that was an added bonus and then to find out she had hired Lin and Jirsa and I was beyond excited to know I could design florals that would be captured in all there true to life vibrancy by the fabulous Lin and Jirsa team…..

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