Grad Cap Florals

Since I live in a town that bills itself as “the education community” I thought it would be apropos that the first ever floral style ever to be solely associated with education should originate in Fullerton California. Flower Allie is proud to be the first florist in the country to come out with a line of grad cap florals. Our collection is designed by a Cal State Fullerton grad (me), modeled by Fullerton college student Laura Chavez and photographed by Hope University alumni Jerrick O’Connor of Three 16 Photography. I hope the trend of Graduation Cap flowers is here to stay for a long, long time.rose and ranuncula graduation floralsgrad cap babies breathgrad cap red and white floralsucculent grad capgraduation cap flowersorchid graduation cap floralsblue flowers for graduationpretty pink grad cap floralsCSUF flowersgrad cap floral roses

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